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Candy and party product variety

Welcome to Candy Spot your Southern California Number one party and candy store with over 6,000 products in Mexican candy, balloons, and decorations. We first opened our Long Beach location as of October 2017, but we have been in business as a party distributor for over 15 years. But now we make the transition in fulfilling the direct needs of the consumer by helping plan their parties, events, or any other occasion.

Within our candy stores we carry a wide selection of Mexican candy brands much of which include, De La Rosa, Dulces Mayito, Aldamo, TamaRoca, Montes, Jovy, Kinder, Indy, dulces mara and so many other candy brands that you can think of. Our company is constantly growing as more and more people are supporting our brand, but with this growth we can include a great selection of products. Turning our dream of a one stop shop for a party into a reality.  

Our Story

Our family business is a reflection of hard work and wanting to fulfill the American dream, as when our first generation of family members migrated to this country from Sinaloa, Mexico they fled from a world of poverty and a lack of opportunity. So in hopes of wanting a better life not just for themselves but for their kids they fled to the U.S. seeking asylum once approved and soon after granted residency within the state of California in1986.

The owner Jesus Serrano was born in 1980, in the Wrigley area of Long Beach CA. Since an early age being raised in impoverished neighborhood, he understood the harsh reality of the world by having to work at the age of 10helping to provide food for his parents. Although being strong academically in math and literature he had to take up the choice of having to quit going to school at the age of 16 and better help his family situation that he began to work three jobs. Saving every nickel, dime, and penny for three years by living day to day by eating beans, rice, and tortillas living very conservatively until he earned enough money at the age of 20 to invest heavily into a discount store. But due to too much competition around the area he inevitably failed and he had to close his shop losing everything he had invested in his business. Now being only left with $63.32 in his pocket he bought four boxes of mix candy bars from his local wholesale store making his first initial transitions in selling candy to local food vendors.

After thirteen years he soon began to now take part once again in the retail market by first opening his first dulceria (candy store) in Wilmington CA this store would be commonly recognized throughout Wilmington as Dulceria Candyland and two years later go on and open his new brand Dulceria Candy Spots. Now at the age of thirty-nine he has reached financial stability and has garnered a large clientele throughout all of LA.

Now after reaching great heights, he wishes to thank everyone who has continued to shop and support him through all his endeavors. He wishes to show other individuals who grew up in similar conditions as him,“if you strive to reach your goals you must continue to push forward and never give up as everything and anything is possible only if you set your mind to it.Even though there will be obstacles along the way that might stop you just continue to move forward even when you feel like you lost it all just keep moving forward. As success will not come overnight but through hard work and through ambition.”

Our Team

Jesus Octavio Serrano

Jesus is the man behind the vision what is now Candy Spot importing hundred of different Mexican Candy from Mexico and bring a little bit of his home country back to the U.S. his journey begins with supplying other party store with Mexican Candy in the piñata district and over the years made a switch to meet the needs of customers by opening his first retail store in 2016.

Jesus Octavio Serrano Jr.

Jesus Jr or commonly referred to as Jesse is the innovator behind the company and the person behind all the changes being made online, he is very active on social media and engaging with customers or creating new features on the website that best cater to our customers.

Daniela Perez

Daniela is our legacy staff. She has been working under our establishment since we opened our first retail store back in2016. She is focused on training staff to provide the best customer service in the industry. Daniela is also driven on introducing new products that better cater to the customers we service locally in our region.

Christina Rodriguez

Christina is one of our legacy employees. She has been working in our company since opening our second location. Being theLong Beach location she handles a wide range of tasks that includes reviving inventory, fulfilling phone orders, and making various changes to the layout of our stores.

Don Leo

Leo is our warehouse manager. He is the guy that receives all of the large Tuftex orders and redistributes the merchandise at both retail locations. He is focused on making sure he creates a very neat environment that our other employees can work efficiently to meet the needs and expectations of our customers.